Collection: Self-Care Manual

This manual covers 5 wellness areas.

1. Financial: Learn how I was able to access over 30k in under 60 days without credit or a loan + Investing + Budgeting Tips!

2. Mental: Learn about trauma + trauma exercises.

3. Physical: Learn about age required wellness exams, healthy living recipes and more.

4. Social/Spiritual: Explore boundary setting and healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

5. Professional: Explore ways to reduce workplace stress. Learn exact tactics from my R O O T E D system that I used to earn an extra 40k during the pandemic and more. 


This digital product is ready for immediate download after purchase. Our manual covers 5 areas of wellness. It's a great tool for personal and professional development or to give as a gift to someone.  

We also offer one on one individualized sessions. Check out our self-care consultations page. This manual comes free with your consultation!

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