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Create the STRESS FREE life you deserve! 

Not earning enough?

Not setting boundaries in relationships?

Have unresolved intergenerational trauma?

Looking for career growth?

Our manual covers all of the above.

We cover 5 wellness areas because you create imbalance when you focus on one area of wellness and neglect the others. Your wellness areas are interdependent of one another.

Think about your vehicle. If you catch a flat in one tire the entire ride becomes bumpy before the car eventually stops. If you over inflate one of the tires the ride becomes bumpy or the tire may burst. 

Take good care of each of your wellness areas as you would the tires on your vehicle for a life with less stress and a smoother ride along the way.


Are you overcompensating financially for the emotional debt you are carrying?
You're not getting enough attention so you buy things that make you happy!
You're lacking confidence so you buy things as a distraction!
You're keeping up with the Joneses so you buy things to make you look wealthy but you're drowning in debt!
You're lonely so you date yourself in all the clothes and shoes you go and buy.
Filling the void with distractions and other destructive or self-sabotaging behavior only creates more problems and pain.
It's time to get to the core of that emotional void to prevent further financial damage.
Rather than investing in things - invest in yourself!
Try therapy, meditation, exercise, a coach, a self-care consultation. Things that can really contribute to healing the void not filling it!
Healing at the core requires intentional consistent work on self.
Avoid another urge to swipe the card if the intent is not to pay to pour into yourself.
Immediate gratification is NOT self-care.
Going on vacation and coming back to the same problems you had before you went is counter productive for your self-care journey.
As a licensed Social Worker, I've recognized that many of my clients struggles were deep rooted and often times a result of childhood trauma. 
I also noticed that they struggled because they couldn't develop strategies to move past the hurt and pain so it became what they identified with in adulthood.
Whether you are struggling with overcoming trauma, a stressful job, finding your confidence, getting out of debt, know that it is possible to reclaim your life. 
It's possible to reduce stress and free up time. 
It does require deep reflection and sometimes the help of a professional.

If you don't find something useful in our manual we will refund you 100% of your money back! Just tell us why you found it to not be useful. Buy now.

Getting to the ROOT of stressors is the key to self-care! Download your manual today. We also offer wellness trainings for organizations and individual sessions. Visit to learn more about our services. 


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