100% Money Back Guarantee!  Stressed Out?? Create the STRESS FREE life you deserve! Start today with our self-care manual.

100% Money Back Guarantee! Stressed Out?? Create the STRESS FREE life you deserve! Start today with our self-care manual.

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You may not be THRIVING because you're:

Struggling to make you a priority after years of making everyone else a priority. 

Not setting boundaries in relationships.

Have unresolved intergenerational trauma.

Feeling stuck in your career.

Trying to balance work, life, and family.

Our approach is simple. 

We cover 5 wellness areas because you create an imbalance when you focus on one area of wellness and neglect the others. Your wellness areas are interdependent of one another.

Feeling deflated in one area and inflated in another is not sustainable for your well-being. 

What's helping you may not be healing you. 

Didn't catch that? Let me say it again. 

What's helping you may not be healing you. 


Triggers accompany us on vacation too!
Or they wait until we return and set us off again. 
Identify what they are and learn healthy ways to cope with them. 
Now that's how you start your healing process.
Let's get to it!
Are you overcompensating financially for the emotional debt you are carrying?

Are you lacking the attention you need so you buy things that make you happy?
Are you buying luxury items while drowning in debt?

Are you filling voids with distractions and other destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors that only create more problems and pain -- emotionally and financially.

Self-Care that heals is intentional and helps you get to the core of that emotional void to prevent further financial damage.
Rather than investing in things - invest in yourself because you deserve it! 

Try therapy, meditation, exercise, a coach, a self-care consultation. Things that can really contribute to healing the void not filling it. 

Healing at the core requires intentional consistent work on SELF. 

Avoid another urge to swipe the card if the intent is not to pay to pour into yourself.

Immediate gratification is NOT self-care.

Going on vacation and coming back to the same problems you had before you went is counter productive for your self-care journey.

Often times many of our struggles are deep rooted and often times a result of childhood trauma or a result of things we were not taught like financial wellness & healthy coping skills which can drastically decrease your stress. When we haven't developed strategies to move past the hurt and pain it's what we identify with in adulthood.

Whether you are struggling with overcoming trauma, a stressful job, finding your confidence, getting out of debt, know that it is possible to reclaim your life. 

It's possible to reduce stress and free up time. 
It's possible to enjoy your job, your friends, and your family too without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

It does require deep reflection and sometimes the help of a professional.

Downloading this manual is a small investment in yourself. 

If you don't find something useful in our manual we will refund you 100% of your money back! Just tell us why you didn't find it useful. Click here to Buy now.

We also offer wellness trainings for organizations and individual sessions.

Visit www.zenlately.com to learn more about our services.